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ADB-BINACA is a cannabinoid planner research chemical that has been found as a fixing in some synthetic cannabis items. Pfizer initially evolved it as a possible pain-relieving and is a potent agonist of the CB1 receptor with a limiting partiality (Ki) of 0.33 nM and an EC50 of 14.7 nM. ADB-BINACA. ADB-BUTINACA is a potent indole-based agonist cannabinoid and is likewise an intense agonist of the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

This examination material is practically identical to other well-known synthetic annabinoids like MDMB-BUTINACA. Research Chemical ADB-BUTINACA is a dedication for research purposes. The research chemical ADB-BUTINACA is a synthetic cannabinoid.

Chemical composition ADB-BUTINACA

The analog with a 1-butyl replacement on the indazole ring as opposed to 1-benzyl has likewise been sold as a designer research chemical under the name ADB-BINACA. However, it is generally referred to as ADB-BUTINACA to avoid disarray with the benzyl compound. It is a comparatively intense CB1 agonist, with an EC50 of 6.36 nM. Its equation is C18H26N4O2. Itsmolar mass is 330.432 g•mol−1.

Pharmacology ADB-BUTINACA

ADB-BUTINACA is an insightful reference standard that is basically like known synthetic cannabinoids. ADB-BUTINACA is controlled as a Schedule I compound. This item is expected for research and measurable applications. ADB-BUTINACA has been connected to numerous extreme poisonings and passing.

Comprehension of the pharmacology and system of poisonousness is poor for ADB-BUTINACA as information is restricted.

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