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  • IUPAC-Name: 3-(2-(ethyl(methyl)amino)ethyl)-1H-indol-4-ol
  • CAS: 77872-41-4



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4-HO-MET, or 4-Hydroxy-N-methyl-N-ethyltryptamine, is a synthetic psychedelic drug from the tryptamine family. It is similar in structure to other tryptamine drugs like psilocybin and DMT. And is often used as a recreational drug. 4-HO-MET is known for its powerful visual and auditory hallucinations, and its effects are often described as being similar to those of psilocybin mushrooms.

Physical Effects of 4-HO-MET

4-HO-MET acts as a serotonergic psychedelic, which means that it affects the serotonin receptors in the brain. This leads to a variety of physical effects, including pupil dilation, increased heart rate, and elevated body temperature. Users may also experience visual and auditory hallucinations, altered perception of time, and an altered sense of self. 4-HO-MET is typically found in the form of a white or off-white powder, and is often taken orally or insufflated.

Chemistry of 4-HO-MET

4-HO-MET is a synthetic compound with the chemical formula C13H18N2O2. It has a molar mass of 246.3 g/mol and a melting point of 173-174 °C. 4-HO-MET is often synthesized from 4-hydroxyindole using a variation of the Leuckart-Wallach reaction.


The appropriate dosage of 4-HO-MET depends on several factors, including the user’s age, weight, and tolerance to the drug. It is recommended that first-time users start with a small dose of around 10-20mg, and wait at least 2-3 hours before taking another dose. The effects of 4-HO-MET can last for 4-6 hours.

Effects of 4-HO-MET

4-HO-MET is known for its powerful visual and auditory hallucinations, and its effects are often described as being similar to those of psilocybin mushrooms. Users may experience an altered sense of self and perception of time, as well as heightened emotions and feelings of empathy. However, it can also cause negative effects such as anxiety and paranoia, especially at higher doses. Long-term use of 4-HO-MET can lead to addiction and other health problems, so it is important to use this drug responsibly and in moderation.

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